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Kingdom Express, Inc. offers the most comprehensive suite of expedited services in Southern California. Our services include:

Round-The-Clock Availability

Your transportation needs may begin before 8 AM, and continue past 5 PM! Kingdom Express, Inc. provides its valued customers with service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. When your critical need surfaces at midnight, Monday through Friday, we'll be there. When the emergency surprises you without notice anytime Saturday or Sunday, we'll be there. Anytime you have a transportation problem, we'll be there to solve it for you!

Wide Variety of State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Kingdom Express, Inc. maintains a fleet of modern, state-of-the-art equipment to assure fast, consistent service for even your most critical and sensitive freight. Whether you require the security of the largest, air-ride equipped trailers, the convenience of our powerful liftgate equipped bobtail trucks, or the speed and agility of our 'fast-freight' vans, we have the equipment to fulfill your requirements efficiently and effectively. Our completely radio-dispatched fleet is at your service when and where you need it.
Wide-Area Service Coverage

Kingdom Express, Inc. provides the widest area of expedited service in Southern California! With terminal facilities located at Los Angeles International airport, service response is immediate. The familiar faces of the dedicated and courteous Kingdom Express staff and drivers are very familiar and welcome at all airlines and Customs facilities, enabling us to provide you with the professional and effective representation you need and deserve.